Rides Like A REAL Pony!

PonyCycle® ride on pony makes kids dreams come true! As the world's first simulated riding toy, PonyCycle® doesn't rely on any batteries or electricity, instead allowing kids to excercise and ride around with their own power. Unlike the traditional rocking horse, these ponies allow kids to ride wherever they want, just like a real pony!

Play At Home

Smooth wheels allow kids to ride indoors too! A wonderful playmate, PonyCycle® not only encourages plenty of fun and play for kids, but also increases coordination throughout the body. With their pony companion, kids can easily get rid of the shackles of electronics!

Best Gift Ever

PonyCycle® is so unique in its own way and completely different compared to any other toy. Kids are happy and excited to have it, and parents and grandparents feel a sense of accomplishment helping make their children's dream come true.