Our PonyCycle® ride on range consists of two sizes for children:

Ages 3-5 (also known as Size 3), max load capacity 25kg; and
Ages 4-8 (also known as Size 4), max load capacity 40kg

How do I choose the right size PonyCycle® for my child?

Different from bikes, our ponies allow kids to sit on the horse back saddle with two feet on the pedals instead of on the ground. Here we go!

My child is 5 years old, which size should I select?

Age is more like an approximate fit, but it’s typically not a good indicator of body size. Every child is an original and you can hardly choose the right size of a ride-on pony based on age alone.

What about my child's height?

Good question! The height will help much, but that’s also NOT the most important factor!

The best size for your child is the size that fits them from day one. The best way to do that is considering both your child’s height and their INSEAM. Measuring by inseam is the most accurate fit, trust us. Match the pony size with your child's size using the size chart below.

What about if in between size?
If they’re in between a smaller and larger size, it’s best to consider your kid’s ability and age.

If choose a smaller size, kid would immediately have a great fit pony and the best riding experience. A larger size would be for their growth and long-term use, but kids may need to tiptoe slightly in a short time.  

Is that all?
Of cause not! In order to make it easy to play with larger size, we also designed the pedal pad for the little kids to firmly balance on the pedals.

How to choose pony size with pedal pads

Our pedal pad increases height by 0.79 inches. Once this measurement is added, check our Children's Size Chart to confirm the correct size for your child.