How to Assemble a PonyCycle® Horse Toy

How to Assemble a PonyCycle® Horse Toy

When we parents buy toys for our kids, we're often even more excited than the little cuties and can't wait to see their reaction! Luckily PonyCycle is very easy to assemble prior to beginning to play.

  1. When opening the packaging, there are two pieces: the pony body and pony head, both of which are well protected in plastic sleeves.
  2. To fix the head to the body, locate the zipper at the end of the pony head's mane.
  3. Unzip the body's collar and the mane, where you will see a head tube with two bolts. Use the allen key provided to unscrew the two bolts until the neck rod can be inserted into the body's tube completely. Don't forget to screw the bolts back to keep the two parts together!
  4. Keep the direction of the wheels exactly forward, not left or right. This prevents the pony from travelling sideways when wanting to move forward.
  5. Zip up the body's collar and the mane.

That's it! Assembly takes less than 3 minutes to complete. No complicated electronic equipment or special tools required!

You can also view our unboxing and assembly video here for more assistance.